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Max-G® Suspension Systems

*Proudly Made in the USA*

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Max-G Systems, is revolutionizing the automotive aftermarket suspension industry with their new Max-G Bolt-In Chromoly 4130N Aircraft Alloy chassis system.

The Veteran race chassis design engineers at Max-G Systems have designed a complete, all Chromoly 4130N Aircraft Alloy frame, with all of its suspension geometry and race bred parts from their of long time race proven extreme performance Lemans GT1 Class Spec Racecars.
The veteran race chassis design engineers at Max-G Systems, have designed a complete, front-to-rear frame stiffening and suspension system. This system incorporates a center bridge structure that offers greater rigidity than any subframe connectors currently available. World renown, race suspension engineer, Mr. Terry Satchell's race proven rear suspension geometry, a system which has always been utilized to great success in the American Lemans Series.
The Max-G System is the natural evolution in total performance for muscle car owners that want the Best Handling, Performance, Rigidity, Safety, and Ride available on the market today.
These Bolt-In Systems are currently available for 1st & 2nd Generation Camaros and Firebirds, Ford Mustangs, Falcons, Fairlanes, Comets, and Mopars. 

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Mr. Satchell's exclusive Rear Suspension 4-Link geometry has been race tested, and proven a winner with great race teams such as the Newman/Sharp LeMans cars, as well as Steve Saleen's LeMans Team. The entire system is produced from 4130N Aircraft Alloy Chromoly round tubing for maximum stiffness, light weight and reliability. The system has been designed to bolt into the car with minimal augmentation to the cars OEM front or rear sub-frames. This system, even with the cars stock front frame and suspension, will completely change the way you are able to drive the car through corners, and most likely expand the amount of time you currently drive your car. MAX-G Systems guarantees that no other 3 or 4 link system on the market, can or will deliver anywhere close to the dramatically improved performance handling and ride characteristics their Max-G rear chassis pack delivers.
Whether your road racing, drag racing, or just seriously hanging it out through your favorite back road corners, this system will finally allow you to drive your car, the way you always wished you could.
Want unparallelled handling from your Muscle Car?
Then Take It To The MAX-G!

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